How to Claim Your Outstanding Dividend

Step 1: Apply on the SEC e-Dividend portal

Log on to the SEC e-Dividend portal at

Step 2: Search for a list of your company shares

To check if you have outstanding dividends, enter your first name and last name as indicated on the portal, and tap “search.” You can also do this for a family member.

Step 3: Confirm your names

At this stage, the system will return search results showing your account number, all the companies where you hold shares as well as the name of the registrars for each company. A registrar is the company that keeps details of your shares/shareholdings.

Step 4: Download and fill your e-Dividends Mandate form

On the Registrar’s Name column, click on the blue-coloured registrar name to download your Registrar’s e-Dividend Mandate form(s).

Step 5: Lastly, submit completed forms to claim dividend

Submit completed e-Dividend mandate form at the nearest bank of your branch or Registrar to register for the collection of your unclaimed dividends and subsequent dividends electronically.



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